Why choose Hypnotherapy Nelson

The Difference that makes the DIFFERENCE at Hypnotherapy Nelson

1.  I am the only NZAPH registered clinical hypnotherapist in the top of the South region.

2. I have continued to learn and do training courses for over 30 years, always updating my knowledge and skills to find new ways to help people because I am passionate about seeing my clients get positive results fast.

3. I have a very person centered approach.  I see everybody  as an individual who needs to be treated differently. Because of the depth of my life experience and training I am able to call from many different techniques to find the thing that will work for YOU.

4. If I am not getting the results we both want I will change my approach until we do. I am confident I will be able to motivate you to do the work needed to make the changes you want in a fun and insightful way.

5. I love doing what I do, meeting new people and helping a woman to be the person she desires to be.

6. Importantly for you, because I work from home in a very handy central location close to the centre of Nelson I am able to keep my prices down to make my services more