Testimonials from previous clients:


  • Hi Judy,I am sending you this note to let you know what a huge help the hypnosis sessions with you were. For the first time in twenty years, I feel that I have regained control in my life and actually have a chance of kicking this habit, which has controlled me for so long. Trying out the hypnosis was my last resort because nothing else has helped, and frankly I am quite amazed that it actually worked.

  • I am particularly grateful for your patience and how well you listened and seemed to understand my problem—as unusual as it was. In fact, I always felt comfortable talking to you even though the subject was quite personal.
  • The compassion that you used in our sessions really made me feel like you care. Not only did it make me feel better, but it made the hypnosis process easier and more effective. Your treatments were just right for me! I really look forward to this next stage in my life where I can enjoy a new piece-of-mind and feel immensely relieved that I have taken this major step towards it.Thank you so much again and all the best for your new start in New Zealand.Kind regards,J.W., Balmain, Sydney

Dear Judy Just a quick note to express my heartfelt appreciation for our hypnotherapy work together and the wonderful outcomes it has had for me.

Having never tried hypnosis before meeting you, I didn’t quite know what to expect and wasn’t sure that I would actually “feel” hypnotised.  My first session was truly amazing; for me hypnosis was “blissful” and this was the case during each of our six meetings.

I really appreciated the attention you paid to my own story and your careful and thoughtful planning of each session so that it addressed the developments I wanted for myself.  One of the reasons I chose to contact you was your extensive experience as a psychologist and I think your counselling background really helped with setting up our hypnosis sessions.

I believe I came to hypnosis at the right time because I was ready to make some life changes.  But I also believe that your skill and experience and your willingness to work with me and support me to create change for myself were key in helping me to make it happen.

Six months after our first session, I am seeing real progress in the areas where I wanted to transform including making a career change, losing weight and being generally happier with my life.All the best with setting up your practice in NZ;  I wish you were staying in Australia.Best wishes and thank you.Angela G., Glebe, Sydney ___________________________________________________________________________

Thank you Judy for all your help , kindness and compassion . You have changed my life in so many ways Jane C, Stoke, Nelson NZ

 I came to you not knowing what to expect and more than a little nervous. Thanks to your wisdom  and ability to be able to make me relax and see things  from   a different  perspective I feel completely recovered  and no longer anxious. Tanya P  Blenheim NZ 

Thanks so much for all your wonderful help over the last while. Your total acceptance of me and open view on life has helped me to let go of many unhelpful beliefs and has opened up a new world of possibilities. When I think back to myself just before I meet you, I could not have imagined that I would be the person I am now, and how much I could grow . Thanks for your, patience, kindness and skills. And thank you for helping me to learn to laugh at myself and trust life’s flow.
P.B Nelson
I feel like I have moved from strenght to strength in my life since coming to see you. Not only did you help me recover from my eaing disorder you also got me over my life long fear of flying. THank you so much for your support compassion and skills     GK Nelson.
 Judy you are very very good at what you do . I wish I had met you years ago. I no long sleep walk.  You have been there  for me helping me to see my situation in differnt ways that helped me through some major life traumas, so thankyou. Ron Nelson
I would have been the last person anyone would have expected to give up smoking, a 30 year habit and a packet every 2 days..more when drinking. Yet after a session with Judy I emerged a non smoker. I wont pretend it was easy but a year on I still havent had a cigarette. No more hiding …. Nicki Stoke.